Menu Section: Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Syrah

Syrah V90 Brugnano

Syrah V90 Brugnano

8.00 / 30.00

Sicily Italy

Merlot Viotto Scarbolo

Merlot Viotto Scarbolo 65.00 Veneza Giulia Italy

Merlot Crow Canyon

Merlot Crow Canyon 7.00 / 26.00 California

Merlot Milbrandt Vineyards

Merlot Milbrandt Vineyards 40.00 Washington

Cabernet Sauvignon Lyeth

Cabernet Sauvignon Lyeth 42.00 Alexander Valley, California

Cabernet Franc Alexander Valley Vineyards

Cabernet Franc Alexander Valley Vineyards 49.00 California

Cabernet Sauvignon Terra Valentine

Cabernet Sauvignon Terra Valentine 62.00 Napa Valley, California

Cabernet Sauvignon Fox Brook

Cabernet Sauvignon Fox Brook 7.00 / 28.00 California

    • Daily Specials

    • Zuppa Del Giorno

      Onion soup with a cheese crouton

    • Polpi alla Griglia


      Grilled baby octopus with spicy herbs served with tri-color salad and balsamic dressing


    • Burrata


      Creamy mozzarella prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes and basil  

    • Granchio alla Provinciana


      Sautéed soft shell crabs served with lemon risotto, broccoli and tomato, lemon and garlic sauce

    • Capellini al Capesanti


      Angel hair pasta with seared sea scallops, radicchio, tomato sauce and topped with goat cheese

    • Mahi Mahi al Oliviere


      Sauteed fillet of mahi mahi with marinated tomatoes, lemon and white wine sauce served with broccoli and roasted potatoes

    • Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

      with Moscato fresh berry compote


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