Menu Section: Zinfandel Pinot Noir et al

Malbec BenMarco Mendoza

Malbec BenMarco Mendoza

8.00 / 33.00


Pino Nero Pablo Saracco

Pino Nero Pablo Saracco 48.00 Italy

Pinot Noir Cesari Duetorrei

Pinot Noir Cesari Duetorrei 8.00 / 32.00 Italy

Pinot Noir Brella

Pinot Noir Brella 42.00 Oregon

Petit Syrah Foppiano

Petit Syrah Foppiano 44.00 Russian River Valley, California

Zinfandel Redemption

Zinfandel Redemption 9.00 / 42.00 Dry Creek Valley California

    • Daily Specials

    • Zuppa Del Giorno

      Roasted eggplant soup

    • Polpi alla Griglia


      Grilled baby octopus with spicy herbs served with tri-color salad and balsamic dressing


    • Burrata


      Creamy mozzarella prosciutto, heirloom tomatoes and basil  

    • Salmon alla Mustarda


      Sauteed fillet of Atlantic salmon with grainy mustard, fresh herbs and white wine serve with roasted potatoes and vegetables

    • Pesce Spada alla Palermo


      Grilled fillet of swordfish with fresh herb crumbs crust and serve with roasted potatoes and broccoli


    • Pappardelle al Polpetti


      Fresh wide ribbon noodle with veal meatballs in a fresh cherry tomato and basil sauce

    • Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

      with Moscato fresh berry compote


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